Winterize and save on your heating costs this winter

Lower Heating CostsWhen you notice the leaves change color, it should sever as a reminder that the cooler days are approaching and with it your heating bills will start to rise. Fall and winter are the seasons when you see your heating bills take a big chunk out of your wallet and if you do not take proper precautions to winterize your home properly, you will be spending a great deal more on your utility bills.

You still have some time to take proper measure to fight the high utility bills by stopping the leakage and drafts that overloads your heater and draws money out of your pockets. Below are some useful tips to help you reduce your energy bills

* Don’t Wait – Before the weather gets too cold, you should address and seal the areas where the cold draft may enter your warm and cozy home. Make sure to perform a thorough job and check to ensure that the areas have been properly sealed.

* Doors – To stop the draft from entering from beneath the doors, use a double draft duck seal that nicely fits the door from both sides. The seal provides double layers to protect against the cold air. Additionally it comes with a strap to prevent it from slipping or getting caught under the door. Another advantage of using this seal is that it easily works with all types of flooring.

* Windows – Windows are another place where the cold weather can get in to your house. A preventive measure is to seal your windows by applying Roll-On windows kits from Duck brand. They are easy to install and fit most windows to make them airtight. The beauty of using these seals is that they are invisible so that your home does not lose its beauty or charm. You will save yourself a bundle by preventing the hot air to scape or the cold air to get in. Replacing your windows with more energy efficient windows is another way of saving on your energy bills

* Faucets – There are many calls for frozen outdoor faucet in winter. To prevent your faucet from freezing and cracking, insulate them using proper covering or insulation kit. Ask your local hardware store about proper covering for your outdoor faucets.

* Insulate – Most energy loss happens through your attic, crawl space and your basement, and therefore, you could save substantially on your energy bills by insulating these areas. According to a report by EPA, the saving costs for insulating these areas could be as much as ten percent of your total energy expense. There are various environmental friendly products that can be easily used by most homeowners to seal off these spaces. Check with your local home hardware store in regard to these products.

* Furnace – Another important step that can increase your home’s energy efficiency is by maintaining and cleaning your furnace. Your furnace will be working hard over the winter period; thus, you need to replace the filter and clean any sediment to ensure that your furnace will perform optimally. Failure to perform these maintenance task, will slow the air flow through the furnace and thus makes it waist more energy.

* Programmable Thermostat – Consider installing a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature so as to prevent your furnace from working too hard. According to a report on energy-star’s web site, average homeowners could save as much as $180 on their bill by installing and using a programmable thermostat.

* Check your wall outlets – Check your wall outlets such as electrical or switch plates to see if the cold air can get in through them. This is another area were prevention is easy. There are various seals that can easy plug these gaps to make them airtight.

If you start early and follow the above tips to seal off your doors and windows as well as insulate your attic, crawl space, basement, and wall outlets, you will notice a remarkable savings on your winter energy bills while you and your family enjoy watching the white snow from the comfort of your cozy home.

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