Warm up to an affordably luxurious bathroom this season

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(ARA) – With the advent of summer still several months away, the comfort of a hot bath or invigorating shower continues to be something to look forward to every day. However, in many ways, the bathroom can be a frigid place on a cold late-winter or early-spring day. In fact, it often may feel like the coldest room in the house thanks to all of that impersonal chrome, porcelain and tile.

But, it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible to warm up even the chilliest bathroom, even on the tightest of redecorating budgets.

As you plan your bathroom revamp, start by looking right under your feet. Many bathroom floors are made from ceramic tile or natural stone, such as marble. Sure, these hard-surface elements look nice, but they also can feel downright icy on your bare feet, not to mention hard and slippery when wet. With 207 designs in distinctive colors and textures, including authentic-looking tile and stone, Tarkett FiberFloor provides the beauty of natural flooring with enhanced durability.

“Today’s fiber-backed resilient sheet flooring products aren’t your grandmother’s vinyl,” says Gary Finseth, director of marketing for Tarkett Residential. “The latest options, like FiberFloor, a Consumers Digest Best Buy, offer style and durability at a price that doesn’t break the budget. These floors are warm and soft underfoot, and they resist scuffs, scratches, indentations and water. The result is they are perfect for any bath.”

Warmth, however, goes beyond flooring. Fluffy towels, plush bathmats and a sumptuous velvet shower curtain will add a sense of rich warmth to the space. Wall color also plays a role. Light and airy colors, while beautiful, definitely do not convey a sense of comfort. Instead, paint your walls an unexpectedly rich color to create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Bear in mind that warm colors can make a bathroom look smaller, so be sure to use a soft white as an accent to balance out whatever deep tone you select. For instance, Dutch Boy’s Treaded Grapes offers a splash of color and welcoming personality in a deep, classic purple tone. Paint your bathroom walls with this leading 2011 color trend and offset the statement with Narrative Cream-colored molding and accessories to create a warm yet open space.

And of course, a quality shower can easily warm up your body as well as your mood. But don’t settle for just any showerhead. Update your shower with a new multi-setting showerhead, such as the Moen Nurture eco-performance model. This EPA WaterSense-labeled product offers superior full-body coverage and three different spray settings for an exhilarating experience – all while protecting natural resources.

Heated towel racks — once luxury items — now are available at affordable prices for any bathroom, offering floor-mounted, wall-mounted, hard-wired and plugged-in options. Imagine the luxury of wrapping yourself in a thick, toasty towel the moment you step out of the shower. This can easily become reality.

Another warming luxury, the overhead heat light, has come a long way over the years. Now you have the option of getting that infrared warmth from a standard-sized bulb instead of the oversized versions of the past. They provide instantaneous heating. Talk with your electrician to see what options would best work in your bathroom.

With so many options to warm up your bathroom’s decor to fit a wide range of budgets, there is no reason to deny yourself the luxury of a cozy, spa-like escape at home.

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    Thanks for the tips on the bathrooms. I’m in the middle of a remodel right now.
    I hate feeling cold in the bathroom…great info.