The Good News: Bath Remodels Remain Tops for ROI and Enjoyment

(ARA) – National foreclosure statistics can be downright frightening – until you realize that despite record increases in foreclosure rates, the majority of American homeowners are still making their mortgage payments.

If you are among the majority of homeowners whose hard work and smart financing decisions will allow you to stay in your home through the recession and real estate downturn, you may actually have the wherewithal to make some improvements to your home. Low interest rates and increased competition among remodeling contractors make this a great time to enhance your house’s value and your enjoyment of your home with some popular upgrades.

“From talking with homeowners at home shows across the country, there’s still a lot of desire to invest in improvements that are beneficial to both the home’s value and the people who live in the home,” says Steven Deland of Acryline Spa Bath. “People still want to create as luxurious a home environment as they can afford, especially in the bath where the trend toward a spa-like atmosphere continues.”

From both an investment and personal enjoyment standpoint, there are clear advantages to remodeling, renovating or upgrading a bath, including:

* A modest bathroom remodel will recoup you up to 75 percent of the cost upon resale, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2008-2009 Cost vs. Value Report.

* Baths are among the easiest remodels to achieve using “green” practices and products, from eco-friendly materials like ceramic tile to luxurious, water-conserving fixtures and low energy-consumption lighting.

* With even secure homeowners feeling the anxiety of living in a recession, demand is increasing for cost-effective ways to relieve stress, and upscale baths are perceived as a way to do exactly that. Upgrades like massaging bath systems and luxurious soaking baths are seen as a more cost-effective, personalized alternative than repeated trips to a spa or massage therapist.

Few bath improvements make as strong a spa-like statement as an upgraded bath. A luxurious water experience can elevate a bathroom from a simple utilitarian room to a center of therapeutic relaxation in the home. Massaging baths like Acryline’s Ultimate II System use jets of warm air, circulated through bath water, to create a soothing, relaxing bathing experience. Enhanced keypad operation allows the user to set heat and intensity levels, and choose massage options without the distraction of having to self-program the system. For more information on Acryline, or to find the retailer nearest you, log on to

“Demand remains strong for tub experiences that really underscore that feeling of spa-like relaxation in the home bath,” Deland says. In fact, Acryline, which specializes in massaging bath systems, is so confident of continued demand that the company has never stopped investing in plant and equipment upgrades, new technologies and new products despite the economic downturn.

“Since the end of World War II, the U.S. has seen repeated cycles of prosperity and downturn, yet American homeowners have historically seen their homes double in value every 11 years since then,” Deland points out. “Investing in your home is still one of the most sensible ways to spend your money and improve your life.”

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2 Responses to “The Good News: Bath Remodels Remain Tops for ROI and Enjoyment”

  1. designer bathrooms on August 4th, 2009 11:28 pm

    Remodeling is the best way to save money specially on this year of recession.

  2. Double bathroom vanities on August 26th, 2010 9:45 pm

    aaahhh.. and if you’re gonna remodel, don’t miss out the bath tub! everyone wants to relax once in a while being soaked in a hot water bath.. with bubbles.. and petals.. so gooood :)