Take Your Bath from Bland to Grand with 30-Minute Makeovers

(ARA) – Many of us dream of updating the most-used room in our homes, the bath, to create a beautiful and inviting space. But in today’s tough economy, you might worry about not getting a return on your investment. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, in today’s market, you may only recover about 78 percent.

Luckily, you don’t have to sink a hefty sum of time and money into your bath to achieve dramatic results that you can enjoy every day. Try these few simple upgrades that can change the entire look of your bath within minutes.

Mirror Miracles
About 30 percent of homes have at least one plate-glass bathroom mirror. While functional, these large mirrors lack a luxurious look. Luckily, adding a mirror frame, such as Mirrorscapes Mirror Frames from Moen can create a custom look that makes a striking style statement in the bath … in minutes.

Mirrorscapes frames, which are available in five different styles and a variety of finishes to beautifully coordinate in your bath, feature a unique installation system that is quick, easy and secure … even for a novice do-it-yourselfer. “The system is nearly error-proof,” says Laurie Birko, marketing and communications manager, Moen accessories. In fact, within 30 minutes, you could turn your bland mirror into a grand focal point of your bath.

Hint of Hotel Luxury
When you enter a luxury hotel room, don’t you check out the bathroom first? Instead of waiting for your next vacation to enjoy hotel comforts, add simple amenities to your own bath, concentrating on the shower area.

To start, a curved shower rod can make you feel like you have an oversized, lavish shower without adding any square footage. Plus, it’s an affordable solution that provides up to 7 1/2 inches of elbow room while adding terrific style and visual appeal. Moen offers both fixed- and adjustable-length curved shower rods with pivoting flanges to make installation a breeze — even on irregular wall surfaces.

Next, update your current showerhead with a more luxurious style. If you prefer a powerful, full-body spray, perhaps you’d like a rainshower showerhead. Or, if you like options, try a multi-function version that allows you to switch from a relaxing wide spray to an invigorating concentrated spray — or somewhere in the middle. You can find a variety of designs and functionality at your local home improvement store, such as Lowe’s.

Add Accessories
Just like in fashion, it is often the accessories that pull a look together to make a “wow” statement. You can quickly update your bath with new exquisitely designed and easy-to-install accessories, such as robe hooks, paper holders, towel bars, towel rings and shelves. Today’s manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to match or coordinate with your faucets to make a dramatic style effect — and add a bit of organization to your bath.

Cool Colors and Luxury Linens
As the final step to your newly designed bath, add a splash of color. Touch up any nicks or scratches in your baseboards and freshen the walls with a coat of paint in your favorite color. Next, bring in the soft finishing touches by adorning your new accessories and a shower rod with high-quality linens — a new shower curtain and fresh towel sets. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something plush and cozy — you’ll want towels that stand up to daily wear and still keep their attractive appearance.

Each of these simple projects can be accomplished with very little time or expense — but your enjoyment of your new bath will be immeasurable! For additional product or design inspiration, visit www.csi.moen.com or www.lowes.com.

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  1. Taylen on March 27th, 2009 5:41 pm

    So true that the bath is often overlooked, but can spark your day just right. Great tips and ideas! Thanks for the helpful insights.