How to turn must-do home improvements into things of beauty

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home improvement(ARA) – When it comes to home improvement, you can spend money in two basic ways: on things that make your home look better and things that make it function better. Under the first category, you’ll find all the things you want to do, like replacing narrow casement windows with a lovely bay window. Under the second, falls all the things you must do, like replacing those drafty windows with something more energy-efficient.
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Five tips to stay warm and reduce energy costs

Reduce Energy Cost(ARA) – As winter approaches and the outdoor temperature drops, energy consumption is on the rise. Homeowners can implement these five tips to help reduce their home’s energy use and costs, yet maintain a warm and comfortable indoor environment, this winter.

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Required plumbing practices before winter

September 20, 2011 by · Comments Off on Required plumbing practices before winter
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plumbing work before winterThe beginning of fall should serve as a great reminder that it is time to prepare for the coming of colder winter days that are just around the corner. The cold weather comes unexpected, catching property owners off guard and unequipped to deal with the plumbing issues related to the frigid weather. The amount of frigid pipe calls almost increased three fold across the country in recent years, to more than twenty-six thousand. These issues could easily be prevented if you are willing to deal with some chores that takes no more than couple of hours and can be done on a weekend or you could contact a local plumber to do it for you.
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