Take steps now to keep indoor air clean throughout winter

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Air Quality(ARA) – When the winter winds start to howl, it’s a natural response to want to close your home up tightly. To stay warm and avoid wasting energy, you close the windows – or even seal them with window film — find ways to stop air from leaking in through cracks and under doors, and then put your heating system to work. But when those instincts kick in, remember that what you’re doing is sealing air inside your home.

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Basement renovations – Tips for finishing a basement

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Basement RemodelingBasement renovations has become one of the favorite home improvement projects for many home owners. A finished basement is a wonderful place for you to entertain your friends and family by setting up a recreation area with a pool desk, table tennis platform, pinball unit, and/or dartboard. Finished basement not only increases your living space but it can also increase the value of your property.
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Renovating ideas for a small bathroom

August 16, 2011 by · Comments Off on Renovating ideas for a small bathroom
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Small bthroom renovation ideasIf you are looking for small bathroom renovation ideas, the chances are that you have got a small bathroom to renovate. Many homeowners want to have a sparkling new bathroom but are afraid that their small bathroom is just not large enough to turn it into the magnificent bathroom that every homeowner would love?

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How much should a kitchen remodeling project cost

August 1, 2011 by · Comments Off on How much should a kitchen remodeling project cost
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kitchen remodeling costHow much should a kitchen remodeling cost? This is an important piece of knowledge that homeowners must know if they plan to remodel their kitchen.  This document will discuss ways of determining the cost of your project and also provides you with links to free construction estimating software and tools so that you can better judge what the renovation cost will be.
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Small remodeling projects that add value – new doors and trim

June 14, 2011 by · Comments Off on Small remodeling projects that add value – new doors and trim
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Home Remodeling(ARA) – With sales of new and existing homes remaining slow nationwide, many homeowners are looking for ways to add value now. Installing stylish interior doors and replacing old exterior trim are two great ways to make your home look even better today and sell it for more later.

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Turn your stay-cation into a home makeover

June 6, 2011 by · Comments Off on Turn your stay-cation into a home makeover
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Home Remodeling(ARA) – Nearly 49 percent of us are planning a summer vacation, while one-third are preparing for “stay-cations,” according to Burst Media’s Summer Travel and Vacations 2011 survey. If you’re skipping airports and resorts and opting to stay home, treat yourself to a home or room makeover.

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Go for the gold: Master suite remodeling tips

Master Suite Remodeling(ARA) – If kitchen and bathroom remodels are the gold and silver medalists in the Olympics of  home renovation , then a master suite remodel is a very respectable bronze. But while the superstars of the renovation world may reap more in terms of resale value, a master suite remodel can be more rewarding for your soul.

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Remodeling tips for multigenerational households

Home Remodeling(ARA) – Make room for family: Whether finishing basements or updating bathrooms, homeowners are making home improvements to accommodate more family members moving into their homes.

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Bathroom remodeling: 5 steps to make your bathroom a perfect match for your family

Bathroom-Remodeling(ARA) – Bathroom remodeling includes a dizzying array of decisions. Choosing from among so many beautiful styles, shapes, materials and innovative technologies is at once exhilarating and exhausting. Here are five steps to help you narrow the field to make the best choices:

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Going green on your next remodel? Add tile to your green product list

(ARA) – Are you planning an upcoming remodel for your home? Going green and using sustainable building materials continues to be a top trend in home improvement. Remodeling green isn’t just about using products with recycled content, it’s also about using superior products that will stand the test of time and reduce energy costs.

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