A blanket for your house: energy-efficient, insulated siding

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Energy Efficient(ARA) – With a growing emphasis on eco-conscious living, homeowners recognize the importance and value of having an energy-efficient home. One essential factor for saving energy and maintaining indoor air comfort is sealing the exterior of the home. Insulation and energy-efficient windows play important roles in preventing air leaks where obvious holes are present, however, one hidden area susceptible to energy leaks is the home’s framing.

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‘Green’ your indoor environment with these sunny-day upgrades

Green Home Remodeling(ARA) – Bright sun and abundant green – is that what comes to mind when you think of summer? The season of sunny skies and green outdoors has arrived. Why not take advantage of warm weather sun to “green” your home with improvements that deliver environmental, economic, emotional and physical health benefits?

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Going green on your next remodel? Add tile to your green product list

(ARA) – Are you planning an upcoming remodel for your home? Going green and using sustainable building materials continues to be a top trend in home improvement. Remodeling green isn’t just about using products with recycled content, it’s also about using superior products that will stand the test of time and reduce energy costs.

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Tips to save money and reduce your environmental footprint

(ARA) – Are you afraid to turn up the heat in your house this winter because you consider your electric bill – and your carbon footprint – to be big enough? Saving money and reducing your carbon and water footprints are worthy goals you can spend many years striving to achieve. But here are a few ideas to help you get started reducing your energy bill and being eco-friendly.

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Greening your home: What does it really take?

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(ARA) – In today’s environmentally conscious times, it seems we’re surrounded by the need to shop, act and live “green.” Some of our choices are easy and small, while others can be big and costly. But one thing is for sure – each choice can make a significant difference. But as many of us know from experiences of trying to diet, the most successful long-term changes we make can’t make us feel as if we are “giving up” the small pleasures that we enjoy.

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Weekend home upgrades: fast, affordable fix-ups

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(ARA) – With today’s falling home prices, one family’s well-worn dwelling can quickly become another’s dream “starter” home. Interest rates are at historic lows, meaning buyers can get more house than they could a year ago for the same monthly mortgage payment, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

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The Good News: Bath Remodels Remain Tops for ROI and Enjoyment

(ARA) – National foreclosure statistics can be downright frightening – until you realize that despite record increases in foreclosure rates, the majority of American homeowners are still making their mortgage payments.

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