DIY tricks that make bathroom renovations easy

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Bathroom Renovations(BPT) – When it comes to home improvement, Americans have embraced doing it themselves – in a big way. Among homeowners who plan to make improvements, 64 percent say they will do it themselves, according to American Express’ Consumer Spending and Saving Report. Yet one area of home improvement continues to give even adventurous and confident DIYers pause – bathroom renovation.

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Amazing accents under $100

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Small ideas to add big style and functionality to your bath (BPT) – If you’re bored by your bathroom, you might think a total room remodel is the only way to make a difference. And, if you’re like most homeowners, you might not have the time, expertise or budget to tackle high-profile projects like replacing your flooring, vanity, tub or shower.

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Baby boomers: Bathroom updates that increase livability and home value

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Bathroom Upgrades(BPT) – Baby boomers are a smart group when it comes to home updates. While embracing life today, they fully recognize that in the future, their homes may need upgrades to help them live well and stay safe. The bathroom naturally gets the most attention and for good reason – it’s one of the most frequently used rooms in a home and also one with many hazards. Baby boomers are turning towards safer bathing options to support their changing lifestyle including walk-in baths, handicap accessible showers, and other supportive furnishings.

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Weekend warrior – add style, safety and storage solutions in the bath in less than 48 hours

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bathroom remodeling(ARA) – Many homeowners are looking to redo and update their homes, but with busy schedules, they often only have time on the weekends. While a complete overhaul of the house might be unrealistic for this time frame, a bathroom makeover is completely possible. The following tips and tricks will show you how to be a weekend warrior without having to hire a professional crew for assistance.
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Plumbing pro tells how to install an extra bath with less cost, noise and mess

April 11, 2012 by · Comments Off on Plumbing pro tells how to install an extra bath with less cost, noise and mess
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plumbing(ARA) – So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and add that much-needed extra bathroom. Smart idea! According to the 2011-2012 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report, an added bath will return more than 50 percent of your investment at resale. So what should you do to make sure your money is well spent?

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Increase bathroom space without moving walls

increase bathroom spaceAs more and more homeowners decide to stay at their current residence rather than purchase a new home, many are looking at various home improvement projects to improve the quality of their home as well as their life style.  At the top of these home improvement projects is bathroom renovation.  Not only the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house but also Bathroom renovation is reported to provide the highest return on the investment; therefore, there is little surprise why bathroom makeover is such an important home remodeling project.
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Bathroom remodeling ideas with a small price tag

Bathroom RemodelingIf you don’t feel like spending a fortune on a bathroom renovation project, we can give you some very simple bathroom remodeling tips that will have a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Not every home remodeling project need to break the bank in order to look good. There are many simple and inexpensive makeovers that can bring about that modern look without putting you into financial distress. In the next few paragraphs we shall look at some simple ways of improving the look of your bathroom.
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Essential Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen and Bathroom renovation tipsThe true mark of a luxury home is an updated bathroom and kitchen.  In fact, most home buyers pay particular attention to how well the bathroom and kitchen show.  Most people like to show off their kitchen to their guest and prefer their bathroom to be comfortable and well decorated.  This article will provide you with some essential tips on kitchen and bathroom renovation.
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Vanity sanity: Organize wisely to bring style and space to your bathroom

October 20, 2011 by · 1 Comment
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Bathroom Remodeling(ARA) – It’s the room where you start and end your day, so it should be one of the most enjoyable places in your home. But, most of the time, your bathroom is not the relaxing retreat you hoped it would be. Whether it is overrun with towels and toiletries – or is tough to keep clean with smudged mirrors and faucets – today’s bathrooms are in need of some serious updates and organization. Luckily, a few simple tips and tricks can bring style and sanity to your bathroom vanity in no time.
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Small bathroom renovation ideas

small bathroom renovation ideasMany folks are under the impression that renovating a small bathroom is challenging as they may not be able to fit all that is need to make their bathroom look trendy. On the contrary there are very elegantly designed small bathrooms that would make any homeowner wish it was his/her own. This article will touch on few small bathroom renovating ideas to give you a good head start on your project.
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