Small bathroom renovation ideas

small bathroom renovation ideasMany folks are under the impression that renovating a small bathroom is challenging as they may not be able to fit all that is need to make their bathroom look trendy. On the contrary there are very elegantly designed small bathrooms that would make any homeowner wish it was his/her own. This article will touch on few small bathroom renovating ideas to give you a good head start on your project.

Bathroom renovation has become one of the most important home improvement projects of all times as most home buyers prefer an updated and elegant bathroom. Also a modern bathroom is the land mark of a truly renovated luxury home. Bathrooms in many houses had a very typical arrangement and layout. But as time has passed, many have found these patterns to be boring. New luxury bathroom designs make use of new gadgets and unique designs to give it a whole new feel and look. If you’re thinking of bathroom remodeling, take a look at the new bathroom designs featured in home decorating magazines to see what sort of layout are available and which in particular appeal to you.

If you have simple white bathrooms, you’ll need a serious modification in color. Although there was a time when white color was thought to be “the color”, today it is not all that exciting. You can add some spice to your life by using rich colors for your bathroom. Again it is best to look at various decoration magazines or online to find out what colors go well with the type of bathroom you plan to design. You can also use contrasting colors for the door or the trims to give your bathroom additional life.

Your bathroom furniture could be cupboards, mirrors, walk-in showers, bathtub and sometimes a wardrobe for toiletries. There are numerous ideas for setting up the furnishings and if you did not have these previously, you can get these done now. Despite the fact that you’ve got a small bathroom, these cupboards and holders can be organized in a confined space to appear well-organized and tidy. Be sure to have a first-class mirror for your bathroom. It is known fact that large mirrors tend to make the bathroom feel and look larger.

Decorating objects and Finishes
Bathroom gadgets are definitely essential after renovation. You will have to change shower drapes, window curtains, and blinds. You can get towel stands, vases, toilet paper cases, cups for toothpaste and toothbrush, as well as towel holders. Make sure these items go well with the bathroom color and your bathroom settings.

Glass shower enclosure
Another bathroom renovation idea is to install glass shower enclosure. A glass enclosure not only prevents the water from splashing on your bathroom floors but also provides a slick look to your bathroom.

Install pot lights
Lighting is an important feature of a renovated bathroom. Most folks use the bathroom to fix their appearance by shaving, brushing hair or using makeup. For these tasks you need to have proper illumination and the best option is to use pot lights. Pot lights are fairly easy to install and they bring lofts of charm to your bathroom and most importantly they do not take any space on your walls. These are few ideas that you can use in your remodeling project.

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3 Responses to “Small bathroom renovation ideas”

  1. Anna on September 19th, 2011 8:21 am

    Some of the nicest bathrooms I’ve been into have been the smallest as each thing in it is often chosen with great care and you can’t have clutter in a tiny bathroom. Love white but agree, if you have everything white it can look much too cold.

  2. BathroomRemodel on September 22nd, 2011 1:31 am

    Of-course bathroom remodeling has become most popular project to improve the value of home and by modifying the colors, furniture’s. Installing the pot lighting also increases the beauty of home.

  3. Brian on October 6th, 2011 6:10 pm

    This is good stuff. Do you ever reccomend using those bowl sinks?