Simple home improvement projects that lower utility costs

energy savingsWho doesn’t want to save up on utility charges this year? However, did you ever think about various popular energy saving home improvements such as substituting regular bulbs with energy efficient bulbs or insulating the old hot water heater?

Occasionally trying to keep spending down simply Is not adequate by itself. Luckily, you’ll be able to perform home improvements that would cut your utility expenses as well as increase your home’s beauty simultaneously. Listed below are some very interesting home improvements which are amazingly energy efficient:

1. Purchase modern Appliances – Your ancient dishwasher or laundry machine is not energy efficient and as time goes by it consumes more energy as it loses that little efficiency it had. The new appliances are built so that they are more efficient when it comes to consuming hydro and water. Even though you may spend more money upfront, you will recover the money over time as you save on your utilities. Additionally the newer appliance will give your home that touch of modernity and charm. When it comes to purchasing the washer, check the energy star qualified models as you can slash off up to $40 each year on your utility bills.

2. Bathroom Upgrades- The biggest selling feature of any home is the updated bathroom and kitchen. Bathroom and kitchen are two places that account for the most of your water bills. Outdated faucets and toilets are one of the major water-wasting perpetrators in a house. One is able to save water by shutting the water tap while shaving or grooming; however, the water preservation isn’t sufficient if the outdated toiled is running water long after you leave the room or the tap is leaking all day long.

Getting rid of the faulty fixtures can definitely save you money on your water bills. According to Energy Star up to a gallon of water may be wasted through a leaky faucet. It may not appear that way but a drip per second sums up to a pretty significant water loss over time. Replacing your showerhead with an efficient low flow can also assist you in saving water. Today there are many trendy looking showerheads that you can install to upgrade the look of your bathroom as well as make it energy efficient.

3. Allow the sunlight through – A skylight is an interesting and unique way of illuminating your room that is not only charming but also cost saving as it will reduce your electrical bill. The skylight is now very much in style for illuminating rooms. However, another advantage of these skylights is that they reduce your electrical bill and may even help to warm up your home during winter days.

4. Put in a fireplace – Fireplace is a trademark of all luxury homes and one that can bring much charm to your home. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider installing one for beauty as well as energy saving. Look for energy efficient fireplace that meets the style of your home. Fireplaces are manufactured in all sorts of shapes and designs. Additionally, the fireplace can be even “greener,” if renewable fuels such as cord wood, pellets, etc are used. You can search for them online or flip through home decorating magazines to find one that appeals to you.

These were some home improvement projects that not only contribute to enhancing the overall appeal of your home but also save you money on your utility bills as well as help to keep the environment green.

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