Selecting The Right Type of Countertop for Your Kitchen

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granite-kitchen-countertopChoosing a right counter top material has much to do with your taste as it does with your budget.  Some prefer unique designs while others may prefer a more elegant and classical look of a countertop, and still others may prefer the more economical approach to selecting a countertop. To better understand which countertop is suitable for your kitchen, this document provides a quick description of each type of countertop.

Laminate: Laminates are very common in both new and older kitchens due to ease of installation and maintenance.  Laminate counter tops are usually made up of a thin sheet of plastic that is attached or glued to the top of plywood.  Although Laminate counter tops are perhaps the most inexpensive counter tops, they are manufactured with fancy designs and colors.  Some laminates are designed to imitate the patterns of granite counter tops.  What make these counter tops very popular are the economical price and the ease of installation.

The downside with laminate is that they can be easily scratched.  Laminate counter tops also have low resistance to heat and may be damaged if it comes to contact with hot appliance and dishes.

Solid Surface: Solid surface counter tops are made up of a single block of plastic. Solid surface counter tops are still relatively inexpensive when compared to granite and quartz counter tops. The solid surface counter tops do not have the fancy design of other counter tops but they are easy to maintain and are very durable when compared with laminates.  They are not as resistant to high temperature appliances as tile, granite and quartz but are more resistant than laminate

Tile: Tile counter tops are made up of ceramic tiles that are laid out on top of the plywood or the board.  These tiles come in varying colors ad design and can add a unique design to your kitchen.  Although tiles are more expensive than Laminate, they are still relatively inexpensive and can last a long time.  Cleaning and maintaining these types of counter tops are also quite simple.  Unlike laminate, ceramic tile counter tops have good resistance to high heat and are not easily damaged.

Granite: Granite has recently become the material of choice for high end new homes as well as high end kitchen remodeling.  Granite is both elegant and very durable.  Granite requires ongoing and regular maintenance.  Another drawback to using granite is the cost associated with granite and its installation.

Quartz: Quartz is found in great abundance and is only second to water as the most common mineral-based form on our planet.  However, don’t let this abundance fool you, as quartz counter tops are the most expensive type of counter tops.  Quartz counter tops are elegant, beautiful durable and unlike granite, they do not require high maintenance. Thus, quartz counter tops are sometimes said to be worry free alternative to granite.  The draw back with using quartz counter top is the upfront price tag associated with the material as well as installation cost.

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