Money saving tips for the cold season

Energy savings tipsSaving on energy bills is a familiar thought that I am sure has crossed your mind. After all with holiday season around the coroner, we are all rushing to finish our last minute shopping. Spending money on presents and gifts in this economy will leave many of us short on cash. Therefore, there is no better time to start taking measures to lower energy bills so that we can recuperate some of the money spend on buying gifts.

There is no doubt that snuggling under a warm blanket while watching the winter wonderland is fun but it is also an indication that your home is not as warm and cozy as it should be. Turning up the temperature will most likely resolve that but it will also put a big dent in your wallet. Below we will point out some home improvement tips to insulate your home to help you keep you warm this season and keep the cash in your pocket.

Insulated your attic
Having the proper insulation in your attic is the most important aspect of saving on your utility bills. Since hot air is lighter than cool air, it will rise. Therefore, the hot air that could dissipates through your attic if the attic is not properly insulated. Take a quick look at your attic and if the floor is exposed, it is usually a good indication that you don’t have sufficient insulation. It is recommended that you have 10 to 14 inch of insulation or use an insulating material with a value of R38. This is one home renovation project that will pay for itself over time.

Energy efficient windows
Windows is another place where you can lose a great deal of heat. Installing energy efficient windows with an insulating value of R5 is a great way of saving on your utility bills. This is a great home renovation project that not only improves the overall look of your house but will also save you money in summer and winter year after year.

Seal doors and windows
Due to change in temperature, rain and snow, often times you will notice small cracks around the door or windows. The cold draft can find its way to your cozy house through these small openings. Sealing is a pretty simple and inexpensive way of insuring that the cold air does not sneak in. You should caulk and seal around your doors and windows to ensure that you close all those cracks

Programmable thermostat
It is not enough to turn the temperature down or off when you leave your home and then crank it back up when are back in your home. The problem with this approach is that your heater has to work harder to bring up the temperature which forces your heater to use more energy. A great way of saving on your bill is to install a programmable thermostat so that you keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Not only you save on your bill, but also you don’t have to keep adjusting and readjusting the temperature.

Clean heating and cooling system
You should clean your air ducts, coils and blower to ensure that your system is working efficiently. If your duct is not clean then your heater has to work harder to bring up the temperature which means you are wasting more energy.

If you follow these simple home improvement tips you can enjoy the winter wonderland in your warm cozy home in the company of your family while keeping more of your cash this season and in other seasons to come.

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