Living room decorating ideas for ageless beauty

living room decorating ideasLiving room is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in your house.  It is the place of gathering and socializing where all your family, relative, friends and guest come to visit.  It is also the place where these guests spend most of the time observing the atmosphere and overall design of it.  Therefore, the living room is also a representation of your home, your taste and your style.  Thus, it is critical that you spend ample time decorating your living room to give the right impression about your home and your style.  This post will discuss in detail various living room decorating ideas that can easily create a lovely atmosphere for your guest and display the beauty of your home.

Painting – Know What Color to Select
It is impossible to exclude painting from any home decoration project and living room is no exception. Painting is a critical aspect of home decor and it has the ability to bring your living room to life.  Before going forward with your painting project take a look at your living room, its dimension and the amount of natural sun light.  Then go to a library or a bookstore and flip through the pages of home decor magazines to get an idea of what colors are used for a living room with similar size as yours as well as similar amount of light.  How much light your living room receives plays a big role in what color you should paint it.  For a living room that receives plenty of light you may want to choose a slightly darker shade of beige; whereas, with a room with less light, you should try to use brighter shade to make your room feel larger and open.

You also need to pick a theme for your living room.  Living room decoration can take many forms and shapes and they are all beautiful.  It is up to you to decide whether you want your living room to feel cozy, open, modern or traditional.  Looking through various interior decoration magazines, you can find the theme that appeal to you the most and design your living room in that fashion.  If you choose cozy, you may want to choose slightly darker shade paint such as light brown or light grey.  Traditional living rooms are generally painted with a light to medium beige.  For modern style, you can take advantage of brighter and more colorful paints.  Stay away from colors that are too adventures such as bright red, bright orange, neon green, etc as most people may find your living room decorating ideas too far fetch from the common themes.  It is good to be unique but do not take it too far.

Trims and Moldings for an Unforgettable Design
The trim and molding is usually included in the painting section; however, because it is such a powerful eye catcher that we decided it should have its own section.  Trims and molding can make your home truly luxurious if you plan it properly.  Have you looked at the pictures of multi-million dollar Mansions?  If you have, you notice that the living room or guest rooms have very beautiful trims and moldings, especially across the walls close or flushed with the ceiling.  Don’t worry; it doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg to get a great trim and molding in your home.

In fact, trims and moldings are quite affordable and can be easily installed.  Check out your local home improvement center for various moldings.  The length of your molding depends on how high your ceiling is. If your room has a high ceiling, then getting longer size moldings will make it look fantastic. For living rooms with average to low height ceilings, find smaller trims.  The trims can easily be installed by nailing them to the walls.  The corners need to be cut in a 45 degree angle so that they are flushed when they meet.  You can apply a different (usually simpler) trim at the bottom of your floor.  Your trim and molding should be painted a different shade than your walls.  It is generally recommended to use a white shade for the trims and moldings.

Wall hangings
If you are truly seeking amazing living room decorating ideas then you should know that portraits are not just about pretty pictures on the wall.  No, it is also about the frame that goes around the picture.  Making custom frames for your portraits are very expensive.  The best way of accomplishing this, is by visiting garage sales, various home decor shops, and flea markets for pretty picture inside great frames.  You will be surprised to see many home remodeling stores or interior design stores carry inexpensive picture frames that are really amazing.   If you shop around you will find these amazing deals without breaking the bank.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…
What is the prettiest living room of them all?  Okay I don’t mean to sound corny here.  However, mirrors are an important part of your decoration.  There are two ways of using mirrors, one is using them just as you would with your picture frames and the other method is to place mirrors over an entire face of a wall.

For the former, make sure again to purchase mirrors that come with great frames.  Most people will be looking at the frame more than your mirror, so select great frames.  The later is used to not only to adorn your living room but to also make it look and feel larger.  It is well known that mirrors tend to make your room look larger.

This type of decoration can also be used to reflect a great view such as a skyline view from your condo living room or any other interesting view so that it is visible from almost any angle in your living room.

Decorative objects
We are just getting started here…. Once you have painted the walls and placed various picture frames on the wall, we need to shop for decorative objects.  These are items that you can place in a glass display cabinet or on your coffee table.  There plenty of great items you can find from glass objects, to small statues, or candle holders.  You need to shop around to familiarize yourself with all sorts of objects and pricings.  No matter what you choose to buy, ensure that you stick with your living room decorating theme.  Every item has to go will with other items in the living room.

Plants and silk flowers
This is another easy way of bringing what we love about nature into your living room.  There are various types of plants that you can select from.  If you do not want to be bothered with the care that goes in to maintain the plants, you can buy silk flowers and other synthetic plants.  One advantage with silk flowers and synthetic plants is that you can place them anywhere without having to worry about moisture or water leak.

It is important to have ample seating as it is an unwelcoming atmosphere for your guest if there is a shortage of seats.  The important rule when it comes to selecting furniture is to ensure that it matches the overall design and color of your room. You will need at minimum to have a sofa and a love seat.  If there is still space, you can place some couches.  You will also need to purchase one or two coffee tables (depending on how much space you have).  The type of coffee table is dependent on the theme of your home.  A glass coffee table matches all styles where as wooden coffee table may not be suitable for a modern theme.

This is where you are allowed to be a little adventurous with your designs and colors.  Choosing an upholstery that has pretty designs (avoid busy designs) and colors is a great way of creating a contrast in your room that is eye catching and beautiful.  Take a look at various home remodeling and decorating magazines to see what designs are in fashion.   If you choose to select a plain or simple design then make sure to follow the advice for selecting pillow cases and cushions later in this post.

Pillow Cases and Cushions
Another way of bringing some color and life to your living room decoration is to use colorful cushions and pillows.  This is important if you have a plain design for your upholstery or you have leather sofas.  Using a bit of color in your cushions can give the room that beautiful contrast.  However, if you have color in your upholstery, then you should select simpler designs for your cushions.  You do not want to many designs and colors.

Window covering
The windows covering take a good space on your wall and thus it is very visible.  It is then paramount that you select a beautiful curtains as well as curtain rods that go well with your overall decoration theme.  You may also choose to install curtain holders so that you can bring natural light into your living room.  There are various types of curtain holders from fabric to metal and it is important to find one that goes well with your curtain and your design.  You can find antique curtain holders at various antique stores for very reasonable prices.

Layout and Design
It is important to have an open path to the seating area so that your guests do not have to go around the furniture to get to their seats.  You may also choose to have a center peace such a fireplace where you can arrange your furniture to accentuate that center peace.  However, the most common layout is to arrange the furniture in such a way so that your guests are facing one another.  Since living room is a place for socializing, this arrangement works great and easy to setup.

Another great living room decorating idea is to have proper lighting in the room.  Whether you have an over head lighting or lamps on the floor, be sure to select a great design that matches your living room.  Get a dimmer for your light so that you can set the tone to your desire.  To create a cozy or romantic living room, turn down the lighting.  To create a truly romantic setting, use candles in the candle sticks mentioned earlier.  For a general get to gather, you can have more light.

You can never ignore the floor as it occupies a great space in your living room.  One of the best way of decorating your living room is to lay down a beautiful rug to bring additional color and charm to your living room.  You need to shop around to find the perfect match for your living room theme.

As you can see there is no shortage of living room decorating ideas and you can decorate it yourself without needing any special skills.  What you do need however is patience and the will to go around shopping for bargains.  After selecting a theme, you really need to go and look at all available options and prices.  Do not rush this process if you are seeking an extraordinary design.  The most important aspect is to try to have fun with it and involve other family members.

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  1. Bedrijfskleding on November 8th, 2011 6:40 am

    I can testify how a rug can bring an entire room together. Our livingroom always looked ok but now that we have the rug it’s like it’s pulling the entire room together.

    Maybe a tip that may be useful to others, when we were about to choose a paintcolor for the walls (and see what wall should be painted or not) we tried it first in photoshop how it looked. Some basic understanding of photoshop is required but it gives a pretty good idea.

  2. Patty The solar tube gal on December 15th, 2011 4:38 pm

    We have put solar skylight tubes in living room and its amazing what the natural light can do for the beauty of a room. Not to mention their energy efficiency. I thought some might want to take a look at using this type of lighting along with lamps. The light they put out can not be duplicated by artificial light and they give out a really pretty effect in a living room setting.