Kitchen Improvement – Redo or Renew

kitchen renovationA great looking kitchen is at the top of the agenda for many homeowners looking at home remodeling projects to improve the overall image of their home.  In fact according to Remodeling magazine which published a report on cost vs. value, kitchen remodeling ranked as one of the top home improvement projects that provide a return on investment.

Whether you are looking at kitchen makeover as an investment or to make your kitchen experience more enjoyable for you and your family, there is quite a bit of options available, each with its own price tag.  You can start from a simple and inexpensive paint project to spending over 50K on kitchen renovation.  Below we will discuss the options available for both redoing your kitchen as well as full renovation of your kitchen.

Refreshing Your Kitchen
If you are on a budget or just looking to refresh your kitchen, then you ought to focus on improving elements that will have the most impact on your kitchen.  The following list can be accomplished easily by any homeowner without any renovation skills that are willing to spend a little time on DIY projects

Painting – Without any elaboration painting is a very simple project that you can do on your spare time or on a weekend.  Take a look at various kitchen design magazines or online to get an idea of the popular colors that you can select.  Keep in mind that the color should match your cabinets and countertop.

Replace Appliances – Replacing your appliances may not be cheap but at the same time it is not as expensive as doing a full kitchen remodeling.  If you have older appliances, it is really difficult to make your kitchen standout without changing your appliances.  If you take some time and shop around you will find very slick and great appliances at a reasonable rate.

Reface Cabinets – Refacing your cabinet doors is an alternative to buying a whole new set of kitchen cabinets.  You can drastically change the look of your kitchen by refacing old cabinet doors.  It is easy and cost you a fraction of what you would have to spend replacing the entire cabinets.

Replace Your Countertop – if your kitchen countertop is old or the colors are fading away, it is time for you to get a new one.  You can find great looking laminate countertops that have the look of granite for less than a $100.  Cutting the laminate to fit your kitchen sink is easy as the sink edges will hide any imperfection of your cuts.  However, you should watch an online video on how to cut it. Alternatively, some hardware stores would cut the laminate countertop for a small fee.

Upgrade Your Faucets – Kitchen taps and faucets are very visible and though small, could make a huge difference on how you kitchen appears.  The new pull down or pull out faucets not only improve the overall image of your kitchen but also add convenience and functionality to your day to day activities

Full Kitchen Renovation
If you are looking at a full kitchen renovation and have the budget to accomplish it, you should take a look at various contracting firms and their kitchen solution.  Alternatively you can buy your kitchen from IKEA which are very slick and will save you more money than a designer kitchen.  You also have the option of using different contractors for each work that may also be more cost effective but more work on your part. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that kitchen layout have changed in the last decade.  Depending on the size of your kitchen you could add an island or breakfast bar, etc.  Take a look at various designs to see which design appeals to you.

Layout – how you layout your kitchen is the most important aspect of a full kitchen renovation. You want to make full use of you space.  Check out various kitchen floor plans and design for a kitchen of your size and dimension to find the right one your kitchen

Cabinets And Countertop – These two are the true landmark of a brand new kitchen and if you are planning on doing a full renovation, you should pay a whole lot of attention to the design and color of your cabinets and your countertop.  You should also plan to install a double sink for your countertop as one can be used for washing and other for rinsing to make your experience more enjoyable.

Stainless Steel Appliances – A remarkable feature of all luxury kitchens are stainless steel appliances.  If you are spending the budget on renewing your kitchen, then you really out to have stainless steel appliances.

Lighting – Lighting is an important aspect of how your kitchen will appear.  If you have old florescent lights, you may choose to go with a stylish pot lights that not only look great but provide ample lighting for your kitchen and work area.

Flooring – The floor covers a big area of your kitchen and should not be neglected.  Generally, ceramic tiles are very functional as they will provide a slip free surface in case of any water spills and they are very durable.  Ceramic tiles come in all sort of designs and colors so make sure the one you select matches well with your kitchen cabinets, walls and countertop.

Paint – Finally, select a color that brings out the life in your kitchen and matches well with the theme of your kitchen.  Take a look at design magazines or online to find out what is in fashion.

We hope after reading this article you have a better idea of how to proceed with your kitchen makeover. If your renovation project is strictly for return on investment, we suggest that you take a look at renovated homes in your area to find out how much a renovated kitchen adds to the value of your home.  To get more information about how to renovate for return on investment, you should read our article Increase Home Value Through Smart Renovation

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