Increase bathroom space without moving walls

increase bathroom spaceAs more and more homeowners decide to stay at their current residence rather than purchase a new home, many are looking at various home improvement projects to improve the quality of their home as well as their life style.  At the top of these home improvement projects is bathroom renovation.  Not only the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house but also Bathroom renovation is reported to provide the highest return on the investment; therefore, there is little surprise why bathroom makeover is such an important home remodeling project.

Despite the fact that bathrooms are one of the most used places in homes, they can be quite small and with little or no storage.  In fact, the size has been the general compliant with older bathrooms. When the bathroom space is limited, it can get cluttered very quickly. A cluttered bathroom is not only inconvenient when it comes to its general function, but also it is not a very pretty sight.  Below we shall discuss some tips and design ideas to allow you to make the most of your bathroom space and give you more storage space.

1. Floating Vanity – Yes there is such a thing as a floating vanity and it is quite a popular trend to be used for smaller bathrooms.  Floating vanities are wall-mounted and thus providing lots of space underneath.  The empty space allows for more storage, functions and also adds charm to your bathroom. This new empty space also makes your bathroom appear larger.  Apart from this illusion, the floating vanities come in different designs and sizes, allowing you to have plenty of countertop space and storage.

2. Smart Mirror and Medicine Cabinet – Some of the older bathrooms feature bulky medicine cabinets that take too much space and do not have a great image.  You can now install a new medicine cabinet which is built into your wall. The flange around the cabinet’s perimeter hides any imperfection from curving the wall so that you don’t have to worry about replacing the tiles on the wall.  These cabinets are manufactured in different sizes and debts providing you with ample space.  The mirror on the front can be quite large that is very functional and convenient when putting on makeup.

3. Discover Hidden Space – Many bathrooms feature a blank wall or a wall that is deep enough that, with a little DIY, you can fit shelves between the studs for additional storage. All this new space is created within the existing footprint of your bathroom.  These fitted shelves can be built very elegantly to increase your storage space and also to give more charm to your bathroom.

4. Wired Cabinets – Some new cabinets and drawers allow you to have your personal care items such as electrical shaver and electrical toothbrushes plugged-in so that you can free up space on your countertop and keep it neat.  Although these devices may be small, but collectively they do take valuable real estate space on your countertop.  These smart designs are very useful for bathrooms that can use more space.

5. Streamline Inserts – The best way of managing your drawer space is to use special inserts to organize items such as hair dryers and other personal items.  The mere organization of these items save space in your drawer and allow you to find items easier.  An organized drawer adds convenience and comfort to your everyday life and allows you to utilize the drawer space more efficiently.

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One Response to “Increase bathroom space without moving walls”

  1. Lilly Roof on April 5th, 2012 11:27 am

    The most simple way to optimize the available space in my own tiny bathroom is to remove the current bathtub and get a shower instead. I also wonder if i should make a modification in my …roof so as to put skylights and get more light?