Importance of a Finished Basement

In the past basements were only used as storage space and a placed to keep the water tank and the boiler.  However, today finished basement are very desirable and most homebuyers prefer a finished basement.  In fact, many real estate salespeople even include the basement area when calculating the total square footage of a home.

Many homeowners use their finished basement as office office space to do their daily business in a quite environment that is separated from the busy life above. Others use their basement as additional bedroom either for kids or when friends or guest want to stay over.  Perhaps basements have been most commonly used as family rooms or play rooms. Since basements almost run the full length of homes, they can provide excellent space for home theater and entertainment.
In some cases homeowners have converted their basement to a self contained unit so that it can be rented out.  This way the rent will eventually cover the renovation cost and in time assist with mortgage payments or server as additional income.

Based on the location of your home and your neighborhood, a finish basement not only brings appeal to your home, but it can potentially increase its value as well.

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