How to Create More Space in Rooms without Moving Walls

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(ARA) – Bulky space-consuming furniture is on its way out. Beautiful space-saving wood cabinetry is in, taking its rightful place throughout the home, from formal dining rooms to mud rooms. In fact, cabinetry is fast becoming the new furniture of choice. From floor-to-ceiling wall spaces to nooks and crannies, cabinetry can fit just about anywhere, such as bathrooms, foyers and hallways, and kids’ smaller bedrooms.

“With busier lifestyles, growing families, gourmet kitchens, home offices, and diverse hobbies, consumers are purchasing more items than ever before. As a result, people are discovering more creative uses for cabinetry, such as lockers in mudrooms where kids can store ‘their valuables’ after school, sports, and other activities,” says Mindy Brooks, advertising and communications manager at HomeCrest Cabinetry.

Another popular trend is replacing old dressers and other unwieldy bedroom furniture with standard and custom cabinets that line walls or fit snugly into closets. Especially in smaller homes, closed-door cabinetry or open bookshelves placed strategically as room dividers between living and dining areas, and all along walls, can generate new space by increasing storage options.

Not only does cabinetry utilize space better than furniture throughout the home, it helps you get organized and stay that way. With cabinetry, everything has its own home so there’s less clutter and chaos in your life. For example, you can create a beautiful wood wall-hugging credenza to showcase everything from your family heirlooms and framed photos to knick-knacks using shelves and glass-door display cabinets, while organizing a multitude of items that would otherwise be clutter, inside credenza drawers and closed cabinet spaces. As a result, you’re much freer to relax and enjoy your time at home without feeling crowded by too much furniture or overwhelmed by belongings.

When using cabinetry instead of furniture, the design and storage possibilities are as rich as your imagination. To create a cozy country look and feel, you can choose closed cabinets and open bookshelves surrounding a mantel and fireplace in a den or living room. A window seat with built-in storage and marble-topped cabinetry on both sides creates a comfortable nook for reading and relaxing anyplace in the home where there’s a window with a view. You can even divide rooms using a beautiful wooden china hutch that combines closed solid-wood storage cabinets stretching floor-to-ceiling at one end with elegant glass-door china display cabinets lowered to kitchen island-height at the other end, achieving an airy, open feel between rooms that doesn’t block light or conversation.

You can find creative cabinetry solutions like these from HomeCrest Cabinetry, a premier manufacturer of home cabinetry. To provide even greater flexibility, HomeCrest offers Custom Choice, an innovative program that lets homeowners add modified options to standard cabinetry to achieve custom looks and functionality — without custom pricing. Using standard doors and drawer fronts, Custom Choice can accommodate wider cabinets, deeper drawers, additional panels or doors, and many other options for a perfect fit anywhere. It brings creative, custom-quality cabinetry to every corner of the home — dining and living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, offices, laundry and utility areas, and beyond.

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  1. real estate Miami on September 30th, 2009 3:13 pm

    Yeah, cabinets can be quite good and they can fit into any of the spaces where you cannot place any other thing and which is unused.

    Custom Cabinets as you mentioned can be quite good as well because only the owner knows better about his/her house and his/her needs. It can be good if you can get a custom-made cabinet especially if you don’t find any ready-made to suit your needs.