How much should a kitchen remodeling project cost

kitchen remodeling costHow much should a kitchen remodeling cost? This is an important piece of knowledge that homeowners must know if they plan to remodel their kitchen.  This document will discuss ways of determining the cost of your project and also provides you with links to free construction estimating software and tools so that you can better judge what the renovation cost will be.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most important aspects of home improvement.  In fact a home is not considered modern or renovated, unless the kitchen has been updated.   Therefore, there is no surprise that homeowners all over are looking at ways of remodeling their kitchen.  Another reason why kitchen is such an important area of any home is that it is the room where the family gathers after a hard day at work and on weekend to enjoy a meal and socialize.

Many homeowners approach kitchen renovation with a sense of fear and uncertainty as they are not sure how much a renovated kitchen cost.   Estimating the cost of any home improvement project without knowing the details is not really possible and the result is inaccurate.  Therefore to start we need to get down to few details.

The first thing to determine is how large is the size of your kitchen as the size does play a big role in your remodeling cost due to the fact that you need to purchase more material if you have a large sized kitchen.   The next major question to ask is what is the extent of your renovation?  Another word, are you simply replacing old kitchen sink and countertop with the new ones or are you also changing the layout of your kitchen.  Obviously the former cost considerably less since there is no need to run your plumbing to another part or tear down your walls and build new ones.   The next question to ask is what else in your kitchen will be renovated as generally many people who renovate their kitchen go beyond updating the kitchen counter tops and cabinets; they may also replace flooring as well as lighting or even installing new drywalls, etc.  Finally, you need to determine what kind of material you would like to use, for instance high-end granite and stone countertop will cost much more than laminate countertops.  Some style of marble or ceramic flooring cost more than other styles of the same material.  Thus, you need to decide what kind of finishing you would use.  As you can see the question cannot simply be answered without establishing these details.

Before proceeding to estimate a cost for each of the above, you need to keep in mind that the large portion of your cost is labor.  Thus who you hire to complete the work also plays a major role in determining the cost.  Are you simply hiring one person or company to do your kitchen countertop, cabinets, flooring and lighting or are you hiring a different tradesman for each? Are hiring a handyman or a contractor?  Will you do any of the work yourself?  Who is purchasing the material and from where?

If you are a smart homeowner you can save money regardless of the extent of your renovation.  Do your research and leg work to find a competent contractor or handyman that charge reasonable rate, you will save big and thank yourself later.   Look online and shop around for the kitchen cabinet as they vary in price amount different styles as well as manufacturers.  This is another place you can save.

The estimates provided in this document assumes that you will hire a skilled handyman or contractor to the all the work at a reasonable rate.   It is also important to note that the figures provided in this document are only estimates and should be used as a guide.  It is not possible to provide an accurate estimate for you kitchen renovation as estimates depends on the type of material and labor cost that varies from one area to another as well as exact measurement of your kitchen and its layout.

If you have small to moderate size kitchen and you are simply replacing outdated cabinets, countertop and your sink with quality cabinets and granite countertop you could be looking at around $7500-$12,000.  Remember if you do some leg work as mentioned above and buy the material online or on sale you slash this to around $6,500 for a small sized kitchen.  Remember this cost does not take into account flooring or lighting, it is just for your cabinet and countertop.  The major cost here is for granite countertop and the installation cost.  The cost for installing granite countertop for a small to moderate size (10 feet -12 feet countertop) is approximately $3000-$4500).  If you choose to go with laminate or solid surface your cost is less as you can find vary nice looking laminate countertop for around $80 -$200 at your local home hardware store or larger shops such as Home Depot and Lowes.  Replacing flooring and lighting could cost an additional $3000-$4000 depending on the material you choose.

For moderate to larger size kitchens where you simply replace outdated material with new material without the need relocated your sink and plumbing, you could be looking at around $12,000 to $17,000.  To replace flooring and lighting, add another $6,000 to $8,000 depending on the material used.

However for major renovation and custom build kitchen these figures will increase further.  To better estimate the cost for your kitchen remodeling, we suggest that you use one of the free construction estimating software listed on this website to better determine your cost.  To accomplish this you need to verify all measurements and the cost of the material.

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