Hardwood Flooring
Provides Complete and detailed information about all aspects of hardwood flooring, hardwood floors, Engineered hardwood and floating hardwood floors. It also provides detailed information about hardwood floor installation, hardwood finishes, hardwood floor maintenance, styles and designs..

Millennial Living
Millennial Living is the Alternative to HGTV and HGTV.com. We're more down to earth and base most of our home remodleing articles on our actual experience or those of our users. We also cover home remodeling, home improvement and decorating in greater detail and write about subjects that other websites don't cover like moving and energy. In a nutshell, we're into helping you make your dollars go farther and get what you want and deserve from your home remodeling, decorating and home improvement projects. By using Millennial Living's website, you increase the probability of a successful project.