Finished basements offer many practical uses and benefits

Finished BasementBasement remodeling and finishing has become a major home improvement trend and a finished basement also plays a big role in increasing the value of your home.  There was a time that basements were simply used to store your goods and a place where you kept the washer and dryer.  However basemen have grown to be much more than a storeroom.  There are many uses for a finished basement and for what functionality you choose to use your basement determines how it should be finished.

Before finishing the basement you need to verify that your basement has no water and leakage issues.  If your basement is damp or you notice the walls become wet during the rainy season, it is a good indication that your basement has water leakage issue.  You need to address and resolve this issue before you can proceed with finishing your basement.  Assuming that you’re your basement is free of such problems we can look at ways of finishing the basement.

As mentioned earlier the purpose for which you plan to use your basement can determine how you can finish the basement.  Regardless of what you plan to use your basement for, all finished basements should have a finished flooring of some type (laminate, hardwood, tile or carpet) and the walls should be finished with drywall. Thus let’s look at some scenarios for your basement.

Children’s Playground – If you are using your basement as an additional space for your kids to run around and play, you may wish to finish the flooring by laying down a comfortable carpet so that your children can run and play without the risk of getting injured should they fall down while playing around.   Additionally a track lighting is safest as it is neither on the way nor within the reach of your children.

Playground for Grownups– Sounds a bit funny but yes even the more mature crowd needs to have fun.  Therefore you can finish the basement and place a pool tables and/or ping pong table to entertain more mature members of the family or your guests.  If you are into playing cards, you can even place a table designated for playing cards.

Entertainment Area– Your basement can be used as an entertainment area where your family can spend time watching movies, sports or play electronic games.  In this case you should finish the basement with laminate flooring so that it is stylish and use pot-lights.  Adding a coffee table, sofas and some chairs will make your family room comfortable and elegant.

Bar and Lounge – You can build a small bar in your basement where you can treat your guest to a surprisingly fun atmosphere where you can enjoy various drinks and snacks. In this event, it is important to also have a small bathroom so that your guest can freshen up without the need of going up and coming down.

Office – Basement can be a great place to work away from the noise and busy life above.  However, if you have a decent to large basement you obviously do not want to allocate the entire space for an office.  In this case just allocate portion of the space, usually in the corner, for your office and use the remaining space for family room or children’s playground.

Rental Unit – You can finish your basement and build a bathroom and kitchen so that it becomes an independent unit.  You can then rent this unit for supplemental income.  Be sure to check with your local planning department to verify if your basement meets the requirement to be used as a rental unit.

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