Easy Tips for an Eco-kind, Budget-friendly Home

(ARA) – Going green is one trend that continues to grow, helping to keep our environment healthy. And in a tough economy, taking eco-friendly steps at home can also be a way to save some money. If you are interested in being more energy efficient and want to reduce waste at your house, you’ll be happy to know it’s easier than you think.

“One of the most cost-effective, low eco-impact ways to save money is to use retractable shade around your home,” says Ido Eilam at SunSetter Retractable Awnings. “Utilizing the cooling aspects of shade and the heating aspects of the sun, when applicable, can be an easy way to save money on home energy bills.”

Here are some ideas on how to integrate this concept into your home life:

* Reduce your carbon footprint with a retractable awning.

There are a variety of awnings for use at home. Some attach directly on the house and are quick and easy to open and close. Not only do these retractable awnings keep you comfortable and protect you from harmful UV rays, they also help you heat and cool a home more efficiently. During the summer, less sunlight will come into windows under the awning, so the AC doesn’t have to run as hard. In the winter, the awning can be stored outside in its closed position to let the natural sunlight in to heat the home. Your energy bills can be lowered throughout the year.

In addition to awnings that attach directly on the house, SunSetter offers the Oasis, a free-standing option that is great on a patio or by a pool. It does not need to be mounted against the home and helps increase how much time a family spends enjoying their yard amenities.

Hot weather during the summer months can drive people indoors fast, but if you have an awning (freestanding or wall mounted), you can enjoy temperatures up to 20 degrees cooler than those in the sun. Awnings provide a relaxing, comfortable place for you to enjoy your backyard, and because you are spending more time outdoors, you can turn down the air conditioning inside, helping to lower your bills and the pollution you put into the atmosphere.

* Consider planting trees, shrubbery and a garden.

Trees, grass and other green plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to keep our air clean. This is a natural way to be an eco-friendly homeowner, plus you’ll add appeal with the visual allure of landscaping.

Doing a little research and finding plants that thrive in your climate without a lot of water will allow for lower maintenance and conservation of water resources. Different types of trees can do this and keep your home cool, protecting it from the hot rays of the sun. Ask your local nursery what tree species they suggest.

Another idea to consider is planting your own organic container garden. These plants will help clean the air and you’ll also get fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat, helping to lower your grocery bill.

Now that you know how to create an eco-friendly and energy efficient home, take the first step. Visit www.sunsetter.com to learn about the best awning for your home. You’ll love enjoying the outdoors, helping the environment and saving money all at the same time.

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