DIY tips for creating a beautiful patio and yard in less time

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ARA) – Summer is the season for DIYers to complete outdoor home improvement projects, but even the most enthusiastic homeowner wants to make the best use of time so he or she can still enjoy the beautiful summer days.

Here are some common patio and landscaping projects and time-saving tips for completing them more easily, with better results:

* Fast-setting concrete fixes fencing in a snap.
Are you putting in a fence? Fixing one that just doesn’t look as good as it used to? You don’t need special equipment to get the job done right. Start by digging a new hole for the post. If one already exists, remove the loose post and clean out the existing hole.

For easy results that last, use a fast-setting concrete mix. Simply pour the dry mix directly into the hole and add water. This activates the cement and the mix will set in approximately 30 minutes. Remember to make sure posts are straight before concrete hardens. You can use this process for other outdoor projects like adding light fixtures or a mail box.

* Sweep and spray for easy and beautiful stone landscaping.
Most homes require some type of paver or rock built into the landscaping. Do you need a cobble path around your garden? A brick patio? A stone area around the base of your grill?

Try Sakrete Paver Set Polymeric Sand to install patios, walkways and drives. All you do is pour the Paver Set sand from the bag, sweep it into joints, then mist with a fine spray from a hose. The material then hardens in the spaces to lock out weeds and bugs, and set your pavers in place. It’s long lasting and resistant to wash-out so your stone landscaping looks great for years to come.

* Update landscaping beds for a cleaner look.
Rocks and mulch beds take a beating throughout the year. Take a moment to revive bedding by raking the mulch and replace any that has made its way outside edging. If you use wood chips, consider mixing in some new chips. It’s a fast and affordable way to give it a fresh and updated look. Peat moss is another affordable option for landscaping spaces. It looks great and is also good for the soil.

When choosing plants for landscaping, spend some time researching what’s appropriate for your location. Consider planting a variety — different shades of flowers and greenery add visual interest and can make a yard appear larger. They also help cool your yard which can be a big help on those hot summer days.

* Using the right concrete makes outdoor living areas simple projects.
Have you been meaning to add a concrete patio for outdoor living? Or add countertops for an outdoor kitchen area? Concrete is a great material for outdoor projects, but do you know the best kind to use?

Concrete mixes are categorized by PSI, or pounds per square inch. When finding a good mix, make sure that it is rated high enough for its intended use and will be able to weather the outdoor elements. Sakrete 5000 Plus, for example, has more than 5000 PSI. This mix is formulated for high-performance construction and repairs and only requires the addition of water, making it simple to use. You can easily pour an outdoor slab for patios or countertops and pour a walkway. Using this concrete mix gives you professional quality results with DIY ease.

With these insider tips, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful patio and yard. For more information about helpful DIY home products, visit .

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  1. Robert on August 8th, 2009 2:19 pm

    Great post! I agree that using concrete makes things a lot simpler and I often tell this to my friends!