Designing a perfect bedroom for your children

children bedroomAlmost all kids would love a great bedroom; however, it requires great motivation to change surrounding dull walls in to a wonderland or a tree house. Luckily, there is no need for you to be a home decorator or a professional designer to perform this task well. A little imagination along with simple skills such as painting can do wonders in creating a dream bedroom for your children to play in and have fun.

Select delightful shades and colors
Painting is an easy task that can create magic if done properly. Make sure you choose the colors that are in line with your child’s interest. There are many different designs and colors that appeal to children, just flip through the pages of home decorating magazines and take a look at various children bedroom colors and designs to get an idea of the various options available.

A great choice is children’s design at Sherwin-Williams outlet that provides few colorful palettes which comes with a simple to follow manual for designing lively designs for children of various ages. There are many elegantly and carefully selected shades and colors that are appropriate for various age children, from infants all the way to adolescence.

The designs are as many as your creativity allows. Bring fanciful designs and pink colors to girl’s bedroom or create chess designs on the wall if your child is interested in chess, or paint your kid’s favorite cartoon characters or place cartoon dolls around the room. Some children love the Walt Disney characters other kids prefer the contemporary cartoon characters currently showing on TV. Be sure to check various designs online by searching kid’s bedroom in

Allow room for compartments and cabinets
In order to keep any room looking beautiful is to ensure all is clean as well as organized and your children’s bedroom is no exception. Therefore, add storage and cabinets that match the design and the color of the room so that the kids bedroom is clutter free at all times. You can place various stickers and labels to the cabinets to make them children friendly and fun. Use children friendly baskets so that your kid also is motivated in cleaning and organizing his or her room by placing items in the basket. This is also a great way of teaching your children organization from the early age.

Floral patterns, rugs and draperies
To make the bedroom even more interesting consider adding various floral patterns, designs and rugs. You can also add draperies with colorful designs, big dots or patterns that also match the bedroom design and colors.

Selecting the bed and accessories
Make sure you select the bedroom beds and furnishings such that it can easily be redesigned to match the age of your children as they grow older so that you do not have to buy new furniture every so often. For instance the nursery rocker can easily be transformed to a reading corner by rearranging pillows and few things around so that it is suitable for your child as she or he starts grade school. Many children love crawling into their bed and picking up a book to read. Various types of bunk beds can unfold to become a twin bed. These types of design provide a happy environment for your kids as well as it is a good investment that can last for quite many years to come.

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