Going green on your next remodel? Add tile to your green product list

(ARA) – Are you planning an upcoming remodel for your home? Going green and using sustainable building materials continues to be a top trend in home improvement. Remodeling green isn’t just about using products with recycled content, it’s also about using superior products that will stand the test of time and reduce energy costs.

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Colorful Palettes Enhance Warm Weather Trends

(ARA) – As you stretch out your arms and embrace the warmer weather, the colors of summer make themselves obvious. Colorful blooms of bright greens, yellows and purples cheer the soul.

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Tips to Turn Your Tax Rebate into Remodeling Bliss

April 3, 2009 by · Comments Off on Tips to Turn Your Tax Rebate into Remodeling Bliss
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(ARA) – If the expectation of a tax refund is in your near future, you may finally have the funds for a much-needed home fix-up.

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Increase Home Value Through Smart Renovation

livingroom2The practice of increasing home value through proper renovation techniques has never been more important than it is today. We constantly hear on the news about poor economy and poor real estate market. Homeowners who plan to increase their home value through renovations should be reminded that the margin for error is slim and a small mistake could easily wipe off their profit or worse result in a total loss.

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Some Home Fix-Up Tasks Are Worth Skipping; Real-Estate Agents Say Big Upgrades Don’t Give Paybacks

December 24, 2008 by · Comments Off on Some Home Fix-Up Tasks Are Worth Skipping; Real-Estate Agents Say Big Upgrades Don’t Give Paybacks
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If your New Year’s resolution is to sell your home, it’s probably time to start thinking about how to make that home stand out from the rest.

But before planning any projects, beware: Homeowners aren’t recouping as many improvement costs as they could in recent years, according to a recent study by Remodeling magazine. In fact, real- estate agents advise clients not to overdo it, regardless of what the local market conditions are like.

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Avoid Common Home Renovation Pitfalls

1) Zoning, Bylaws & Restrictive Covenants
Before you undertake any renovation or remodeling project, contact planning and zoning department in your city to ensure that your property is zoned for the changes you are planning to undertake.   Just because the house next door has added a second floor or build a new extension, it doesn’t mean that your home is also zoned for such change. Read more

Most Common Renovations

There are mainly three reasons why people take on the project of renovating their home.  The first reason is to increase the value of their home.  The second reason is to add to the beauty of their home as well as modernization of their home.  The third reason is to create additional space and workability such as adding a second floor or a deck.  This document lists the most common home renovations that have been carried out by home owners and renovators.

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Renovate for Maximum Profit Using Value Engineering

picture_241This document deals with increasing the market value of residential properties, particularly single family homes.  The document first introduces the concept of market price and market value and what the difference is between the two.   Then, it mentions various approaches used to determine valuation for single family homes.  Next the document clarifies the difference between improving market value and improving home image.  Finally, the document deals with increasing the property value through smart home renovations and value engineering.

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