Going green on your next remodel? Add tile to your green product list

(ARA) – Are you planning an upcoming remodel for your home? Going green and using sustainable building materials continues to be a top trend in home improvement. Remodeling green isn’t just about using products with recycled content, it’s also about using superior products that will stand the test of time and reduce energy costs.

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The Good News: Bath Remodels Remain Tops for ROI and Enjoyment

(ARA) – National foreclosure statistics can be downright frightening – until you realize that despite record increases in foreclosure rates, the majority of American homeowners are still making their mortgage payments.

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‘Green’ Equals Green with Ceramic Tile

March 25, 2009 by · Comments Off on ‘Green’ Equals Green with Ceramic Tile
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(ARA) – For homeowners, good news has been hard to come by in this bleak economy. So it may come as a happy surprise to many to learn that the two most compelling trends in home remodeling and maintenance — pinching pennies and going “green” — are quite compatible with each other.

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