Boost resale value by accessorizing existing home features

Home Remodeling(ARA) – Resale value matters, whether your home is on the market now or your plans to sell are several years in the future. Whenever you make improvements to your home, you should keep the resale value of those improvements in mind, real estate experts advise.

Accessorizing existing features can be a more cost-effective alternative to making major improvements when your home is on the market. Whether it’s adding window box planters to the facade, or either manual or automated blinds to a skylight, accessorizing is a great way to increase the value of existing home features.

If you’re willing to spend a little money in order to (hopefully) make more money, here are some ideas for enhancing your home’s existing selling points by adding some great accessories:

Dashing decks

Great outdoor spaces are attractive to buyers. But if your deck or patio is drab or in need of repair, what should be a selling point can turn into a detriment in the eyes of potential buyers. Sprucing up outdoor spaces is a low-cost way to make the most of this key selling point.

After you’ve given everything a thorough cleaning, look at cosmetic fixes and accessories that will make the space look more appealing. Built-in seating and planters are among the hottest deck trends this summer, and adding a few to your deck will cost a lot less than building a new one. A collapsible awning is another accessory that can make a deck more appealing – and help potential buyers envision themselves enjoying the shaded deck in the heat of summer.

Spectacular skylights

Today’s no-leak skylights can be a strong selling point for your home. Skylights provide natural light without compromising privacy, can help with ventilation, and help reduce dependency on artificial lighting sources. If you already have a skylight – in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere in your home – accessories can help boost its appeal for buyers.

Whether your skylight is fixed or venting, here are some accessories that can enhance its value:

* Blinds – Virtually every type of blind is now available for skylights, including Venetian, blackout and roller blinds. Blinds can allow you to better control the flow of light and heat into your home through the skylight.

* Remote controls – If you have a fixed skylight, replacing it with a manual venting or electric venting model provides a chimney effect making it easy to vent stale air and humidity. You can also use the same remote to control your electric skylight and blinds.

* A home automation interface – Home automation systems control alarm systems, blinds and lighting throughout a house. You can interface your skylight and accessories into a home automation system.

* Moisture sensors – These special sensors detect precipitation and automatically close an electric venting skylight when the weather turns wet.

You can learn more about skylight accessories at

Fantastic fireplaces

A fireplace can be an asset – if it inspires potential buyers to envision themselves curled up in front of it with a steaming mug of tea on a wintery night. But if your fireplace is more likely to make buyers think of cleaning and renovation, you’re not getting the full value out of this much-desired home feature.

Start by making sure your fireplace is clean, whether it’s wood-burning or gas-powered. For gas-powered fireplaces, installing a blower that directs heat into the room can greatly enhance the unit’s effectiveness and appeal. Next, consider the cosmetics. For wood-burning units, you might add an attractive (and functional) screen, decorative andirons or a fireback, and shiny new tools. Gas units can get a boost that’s both practical and luxurious by creating a new mantle or improving an existing one, and adding a remote control.

Accessorizing can help you make the most of features your home already has – and ensure both you and your potential buyers fully appreciate all your home’s assets.

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