Bathroom Renovation Cost – Expense Estimation

Bathroom Renovation CostAmong home improvement projects taken up by homeowners, bathroom renovation always ranks on the top. Many homeowners thinking of home improvement always wonder how much does a bathroom renovation cost. Hopefully after reading this article you should have a better idea of how to estimate your bathroom renovation cost.

About ten years ago, bathrooms were probably the most overlooked parts of the houses, furnished with only the fundamental amenities. However, these days, it has appeared like a place to loosen up after a tough day at job. People are now renovating their bathrooms with modern amenities. These kinds of lavish bathrooms are certainly filled with state-of-art amenities. Of course, they also dig a large hole in your pocket. In most cases, bathroom renovation can be a pricey matter. So, if you are enthusiastic about presenting a fresh look to your bathrooms, this post on bathroom renovation expense should give you a good starting point.

Issues Related to Bathroom Renovation Expense
Estimating a bathroom renovation expense is quite difficult. Because, there are so many factors involved like the size of your bathroom, type of renovation you are looking for, expertise of the professionals you have hired and so on. You also have to consider a variety of aspects that influence the bathroom renovation expense. Among the major aspects influencing the price is simply the size of the bathroom. In case you have a tennis court sized lavatory then you definitely would need to invest more than you would on a modest bathroom renovation. Moreover, the scope of renovation would definitely influence the price very much. Do you intend to completely transfer your outdated bathroom into a contemporary bathroom or do you only need to repair a couple of things and provide it some shine?

The typical bathroom renovation price would probably sway between both of these extreme conditions. Bathroom renovation also involves installation of modern utilities such as water supply, drainage, electric sources and such that will definitely add to the total price. Moreover, the type of materials used will also influence the bathroom renovation expense per square foot. As an example, vinyl tiles may cost you only a tiny part of what granitic, marble or ceramic tiles will cost you.

Bathroom Renovation and cost Estimation
On an average, specialized bathroom renovation may cost you $12, 000 – $15, 000 for the small or budgeted lavatory. A medium-sized lavatory with considerable renovating work should cost around $15, 000 – $20, 000. A top-notch bathroom with deluxe bathroom decoration may cost you somewhere over $31, 000. A complete renovation will include waterproofing, substitution of glass windows, electrical wiring, plastering, water system, painting, fixtures and fittings, cabinet installations and tiling. If you are thinking of following a DIY approach for your bathroom, you can save 20 – 40% of the expense.

FREE Construction Estimating Software and Tools
The best approach for estimating the cost associated with your bathroom renovation is by using various construction estimating software listed on this site FREE of charge. You only have to provide the actual dimensions of your lavatory, choose the supplies and you will get a good idea how much your renovation project may cost.

Knowing the estimated cost for your bathroom renovation will also give you and upper hand in negotiating with handyman or various contractors as now you actually know how much the material cost is and how much the contractor is asking for labor. Apart from negotiating you can also protect yourself from against some scrupulous contractors and frauds who attempt to inflate material cost when providing you with an estimate.

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