Basement renovations – Tips for finishing a basement

Basement RemodelingBasement renovations has become one of the favorite home improvement projects for many home owners. A finished basement is a wonderful place for you to entertain your friends and family by setting up a recreation area with a pool desk, table tennis platform, pinball unit, and/or dartboard. Finished basement not only increases your living space but it can also increase the value of your property.

Prior to finishing a basement, consider some points. First, walk around your basement and look carefully at the walls and the basement floor. If you notice any cracks on the walls and on the basement floor, you need to be aware that they may have been caused by water damage or they may have occurred as the result of the house setting in. If the former, you need to repair the source of water leak before proceeding with your basement remodeling. Leaky basement could cause plenty of damage to your furniture and floors so take your time to address the problem properly.

If you find your basement to be humid, it is a good indication that you have some sort of water leak. Humidity is an indication that water is sipping through the walls or through water pipes in the basement. Apart from physical water damage to your belonging, humidity can cause mold which is also hazardous to your health.

As always proper planning is essential when it comes to finishing a basement. First determine for what purpose your basement will be utilized and what is your vision for your new space. If you plan to setup a bar or entertainment area, be sure to plan for plumbing first as it must go behind the walls or perhaps beneath the floor. Once you have taken care of the plumbing aspect, you need to proceed with running electricity and setting up the electrical outlets. You also need to know which of these basement renovations you can do on your own and when you need to contract out the work. Even if you consider yourself quite handy, you may want to leave the electrical work to the professional electrician.

Your strategies should include adequate electrical outlet and phone lines to accommodate all your electronic and personal accessories such as lamps, TV, video games, fax, and perhaps the personal computer. Once all electrical wiring and outlets are hooked up, you need to install the drywall to cover the rough cement walls. Drywall is easy to install and if nicely painted, it brings lots of charm and a sophisticated look to your environment.

When considering windows for your basement; add as much as you possibly can. Basements are usually dark and ominous but with more sunlight it turns into an improved and well illuminated place. In terms of artificial illumination, the choices are usually fluorescent lighting, table lamps, floor lamps and pot lights.

The basement flooring is usually cold as it is in strong connection with the soil. Consider using a sub-floor between the cement and flooring area. The most popular option which is also economical and can be installed by just any homeowner, is laminate flooring, Laminate flooring come in different designs and can bring lofts of charm and beauty to your new basement.

These are all common tips for your basement remodeling and with the proper planning you can turn the space below your house into a wonder environment that you, your family and friends can relax and enjoy the new amenities.

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