Basement Remodeling and Finishing

Finishing the basement is very popular today among home owners.   There could be lots of reason why homeowners choose to remodel their basement. One reason may be to increase the value of their home as most home buyers prefer finished basements.  In fact, in some areas, finished basements are included in the overall square footage of the house.  Another reason may be to create additional space.  After all, why not take advantage of the space you have rather than creating one from new.  Another reason could be to create an entertainment room, family room, children’s play room or an office space.   Yet another reason may be to create a self contained unit that can be rented out.

Regardless why you choose to finish and remodel your basement, the following points must always be taken into considerations

A major part of any successful home remodeling is planning.  Before going into too many details about the planning, you need to determine what would be the purpose of your finished basement.   Are you looking to just create open space or a self contained unit with bathroom and kitchen?  It is important to answer this question because it can determine what course of action you need to take first.   For instance if your basement will have a bathroom, you will need to do the plumbing work before laying down the concrete.

Moisture control
The most challenging part of the basement remodeling is controlling moisture.  Basements are prone to water and humidity problems.  If your basement is moist, it will be prone to mildew or worse, it can result in flooding during rainy season.  Thus water proofing your basement should be the first task of your basement remodeling.  Moisture problems may be tough to fix. Water is persistent and can make its way through the basement walls that are considered permeable.  Ensure you have fully addressed this problem and your basement is completely dry prior to moving ahead with your renovation.

As indicated earlier, if your basement will include a bathroom or a kitchen then you should perform the plumbing before laying down the concrete.  Water pipes need to go beneath the cement floor.

The next step of basement remodeling process is to install electricity in the basement.  If you do not have ample experience, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional electrician to complete this process.  In your planning, you should determine where to install the electric outlets, telephone lines and perhaps cable hookups.

Laminate and linoleum are the more popular choices for basement flooring.  It is not recommended to use hardwood floors as you need to install a subfloor over your cement floor which will unnecessarily raise the floor in your basement, which most likely does not have a very high ceiling.  Ceramic tiles are also not a very good option as your basement tends to be cooler than the rest of your house and ceramic tiles can make your basement feel even cooler.  This could become a problematic during colder seasons.

Dont forget the Windows
Since finished basements are below grade, they tend to be darker than the rest of your home.  It is important to consider windows in areas where you can receive some sunlight.  The light helps to bring life into your basement.

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