Does Your Home Need More Insulation?

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To begin to answer this question, you must first find out how much insulation you already have and then determine how much more would be cost-effective. Many older homes have less insulation than homes built today. A qualified home energy auditor will include an insulation check as a routine part of an energy audit. For information about home energy audits, call your local utility company. An energy audit of your house will identify the amount of insulation you have and need, and will likely recommend other improvements as well.

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Avoid Common Home Renovation Pitfalls

1) Zoning, Bylaws & Restrictive Covenants
Before you undertake any renovation or remodeling project, contact planning and zoning department in your city to ensure that your property is zoned for the changes you are planning to undertake.   Just because the house next door has added a second floor or build a new extension, it doesn’t mean that your home is also zoned for such change. Read more

How To Maintain Hardwood Floors

swoodfloor2The proper maintenance of your hardwood floors not only contributes to the beauty of your home but it will also prolong and increase the life of your wood floors for many years. Most people feel that maintaining their hardwood floor is a difficult task but to the contrary, wood floor maintenance is very easy and straight forward.  There are two important measures when it comes to maintenance of Hardwood floors. The first measure is damage prevention measure and the second measure is the ongoing or regular care.

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Importance of a Finished Basement

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In the past basements were only used as storage space and a placed to keep the water tank and the boiler.  However, today finished basement are very desirable and most homebuyers prefer a finished basement.  In fact, many real estate salespeople even include the basement area when calculating the total square footage of a home.

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Most Common Renovations

There are mainly three reasons why people take on the project of renovating their home.  The first reason is to increase the value of their home.  The second reason is to add to the beauty of their home as well as modernization of their home.  The third reason is to create additional space and workability such as adding a second floor or a deck.  This document lists the most common home renovations that have been carried out by home owners and renovators.

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Inexpensive Maintenance That Improves Your Home Image

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There are certain tasks that are guaranteed to improve the image and marketability of any home.   These tasks are inexpensive and be carried out by most home owners regardless of how much renovation skills one has.  For instance, you can improve the image of your property by cleaning your back yard, mowing the lawns and trimming branches in your yard.  It is reported that good curb appeals greatly enhances the marketability as well as the image of a property.   Therefore, move the old junk off your back yard and take care of the lawns.

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Selecting The Right Type of Countertop for Your Kitchen

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granite-kitchen-countertopChoosing a right counter top material has much to do with your taste as it does with your budget.  Some prefer unique designs while others may prefer a more elegant and classical look of a countertop, and still others may prefer the more economical approach to selecting a countertop. To better understand which countertop is suitable for your kitchen, this document provides a quick description of each type of countertop.

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Renovate for Maximum Profit Using Value Engineering

picture_241This document deals with increasing the market value of residential properties, particularly single family homes.  The document first introduces the concept of market price and market value and what the difference is between the two.   Then, it mentions various approaches used to determine valuation for single family homes.  Next the document clarifies the difference between improving market value and improving home image.  Finally, the document deals with increasing the property value through smart home renovations and value engineering.

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Finish Basement or Build New Addition

basement renovationWhen most home owners think of increasing living space, they forget that there is already space right below their house. If the space is already there, and almost every home has it, then why not use the space and take advantage of what you currently have rather than paying to create one from new.
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Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel Ideas

kitchen2Remodeling your kitchen to transform it to an elegant and modern kitchen does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Most people feel that unless they spend thousands, they are not going to end up with a beautiful kitchen.  This document is meant to give you few kitchen remodel ideas to transform your kitchen to that modern looking kitchen you always dreamed of without making you go bankrupt.

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