Affordable Bathroom Renovations

affordable bathroom renovationA bathroom is a soothing oasis and an important part of your home. Perhaps in earlier years high-class bathrooms didn’t matter much for home selection as they do these days, however, with the availability of so many designs out there it is now as common to renovate your bathrooms as your kitchen or bedroom.
Despite the fact that a primary bathroom renovation can dig deeply into your finances, there are lots of smaller adjustments you can make during the weekend that may literally transform your doldrums bathroom into a lavish retreat.

Color, undoubtedly, is the best way to change the look of your house. As bathrooms are usually small, it’s an easy task to put on some layers of a new shade and modify the way your home looks. One easy way of bringing some charm to your bathroom is to install stylish molding over the walls and then give your new trim a light color such as white.  The light colored trims create a beautiful and elegant contrast from the bathroom walls that is just gorgeous.

Tile boards
The bathroom walls are one of the most visible areas of your bathroom as they cover a large area. Replacing the old and worn out wall with new shiny wall will certainly upgrade the look of your bathroom.  Tile boards look just like ceramic tiles but can be installed in matter of minutes and they cost a fraction of what you would spend on ceramic.  You can find tile boards in all styles and colors.  You can use adhesive or small nail to install the tile board on your bathroom walls.

Do not discount the importance of beautiful lamps in your bathroom.  Apart from the fact that sufficient light is necessary in the bathroom, lamps add additional charm and decoration to your bathroom.  You can find elegant track lights or bathroom lamps in your local hardware store at a very reasonable price.

Bath Curtains
In view that you spend considerable time contemplating your boring shower curtain, altering it for a fresh one can put in a breath of clean air to your lavatory. There are numerous styles of shower curtains, such as starched cotton, water-resistant silks, linens, or vinyl. Decide on one that best fits your environment.  You could also install a glass enclosure which is even more stylish but does cost a bit more.

Tile, linoleum and carpets
The majority of bathrooms use tiles or linoleum; however, you can add an eye-catching look with the addition of s small but well-designed carpet to your bathroom. Another good option would be to buy a deluxe white cotton rug.  If you are also laying the carpet to prevent slipping after stepping out of the bathtub, consider a genuine fiber rug such as jute or sisal.

If you’re similar to most property owners, your bathroom mirror is really a simple mirror, which occupies all the space over your counter. Exchanging your existing mirror with a proper framed model can bring a whole new dimension to your bathroom.   You can find a very elegant framed mirror for a very reasonable price at your local home hardware store.

Final Touch
Don’t overlook your bath towels when putting the finishing splashes to your holiday home improvement project. Deluxe hand towels, bath linens, and face towels in thick natural cotton may cost you more, but they survive for a long time and are a wonderful approach to engulfing yourself in ease and comfort after the long shower.  Small gadgets such as cleansing soap, hand lotion, and a vase of flowers will just give the right finish to your bathroom renovation.

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  1. Glass Mosaic on August 21st, 2011 2:05 pm

    There are always some alternative ways to renovate your bathroom without spending too much by using cheap materials, not all cheap materials have a poor quality all you have to do is be picky on choosing just like what you have mentioned tile boards are a good alternative for ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles sure are pretty but they can be quite heavy for your budget, tile boards also comes in several pretty designs ad much more affordable than ceramic tiles.