Most Common Renovations

There are mainly three reasons why people take on the project of renovating their home.  The first reason is to increase the value of their home.  The second reason is to add to the beauty of their home as well as modernization of their home.  The third reason is to create additional space and workability such as adding a second floor or a deck.  This document lists the most common home renovations that have been carried out by home owners and renovators.

It is important to note that not all renovations tend to increase the value of a property.  To better understand how to increase the value of your property, please click to see the document titled: Renovate for Maximum Profit Using Value Engineering

Kitchen Renovation

kitchenAn updated kitchen could add lots of value to your home.  Most home buyers are looking for a spacious kitchen, ceramic flooring, updated appliances, solid counter top, good lighting that are all brought together in a tasteful design that is not only modern but also charming and beautiful. Even, if granite or stone is too expensive, a solid counter is preferable since it can endure and last through the years.  Pot lights are inexpensive choice that improves the image and brightness of your kitchen

Bathroom Remodeling

Modern bathroom is what most buyers are looking for when shopping for a new home. 

Bathroom remodeling should include, new flooring, new bathroom sink with spacious cabinets underneath the sink.  Large space if possible adds the most charm to your bathroom.

Lightning is always important so ensure the bathroom has plenty of lights.  Elegant glass enclosure for the shower or the tub improves the image.  Large mirror is essential not just for viewing and grooming purposes, but it also adds lots of charm to the overall bathroom image.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are sought for in many neighborhoods in Toronto and GTA.  Wood floors in addition with an elegant choice of painting can greatly improve the image and may similarly add to the value of the property.

Finish Basements

basementBack in the eighties and even nineties basements were completely overlooked. Today basements are big in Toronto and surrounding areas.  Finish basements in some areas add lots of value to the property.  Most families either use it as family room or if it has a kitchen and a bathroom it can be rented to assist with paying the bills.  (If a basement is converted to a self contained unit, it must be fire retrofitted as detailed in the fire and safety code).  Thus depending on your home location a finish basement can improve the value of your property.

Fire Place

Fire place adds plenty of charm and luxury to the overall image of your home.  Again based on the location of your property, a fire place may increase its value by a considerable amount.

Floor Plan

If your location allows for a major renovation project, a well designed floor plan adds could add value to your home.  A well designed floor plan adds space and comfort to your home.  As indicated earlier, such renovation must be well thought through and analyzed to ensure that it is financially well worth the investment.

Large Windows

Brightness is sought for from east coast to west coast and from north to south.  Thus, large and well appointed windows will no doubt improve the overall image and charm of your home.  As with any other improvement, your home location determines whether such improvement is profitable and if so how much can you benefit from this renovation.

Additions & Extensions

picture_027Some home owners see a huge benefit to building additional space for comfort and workability.  Others may see financial gain in creating additional space. Location is the key when it comes to addition and extensions.  In some locations, smart owners have picked up old bungalows and build extension to the back, to the front and as well as build additional floors.  Such renovations can be lucrative. However, as indicated earlier, any renovation for profit needs to be well investigated.

Fixing Exterior

What is most noticeable to the eyes when it comes to shopping for a new home is the exterior of the home, and it makes sense because the exterior is what you see first.  You have heard of the saying; don’t judge the book by its cover.  Reason for such saying is because many do judge the book by its cover.  Shopping for a home is no different.  Many home buyers judge your home based on the outside look.  Therefore, a good design, whether it is brick or Stucco or etc is essential in overall image of the home.  Exterior work is expensive, thus ensure such renovation make sense for your location.


As with exterior work, landscaping is an important factor in building your home image as it is visible even before anyone enters the home.   Look at various landscaping design featured in various magazines to find out what is suitable for your property.  Ensure that such improvement is financially fruitful for your location.

Decks, Patios & Jacuzzi

Some homes with large back yard can benefit from patios, decks, and even a Jacuzzi.  A well build deck can build much charm to the backyard and provide a pleasant environment to spend the lazy days of spring or warmer days of summer.  The value added by decks and patios varies from location to location.

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