Inexpensive Maintenance That Improves Your Home Image

October 16, 2008 by
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There are certain tasks that are guaranteed to improve the image and marketability of any home.   These tasks are inexpensive and be carried out by most home owners regardless of how much renovation skills one has.  For instance, you can improve the image of your property by cleaning your back yard, mowing the lawns and trimming branches in your yard.  It is reported that good curb appeals greatly enhances the marketability as well as the image of a property.   Therefore, move the old junk off your back yard and take care of the lawns.

Old cracks on the wall are eye soars and not only make your home look old and out of shape but if left alone can cause other problems.  Fixing cracks on the wall or on the floor are simple and they make your home look nice and more modern.

A new paint job can do wonders!  Before you start painting find out what are the choice colors to use.  Do not take the adventurous route of painting your living room red.  It may appeal to your taste, but it can turn off potential buyers.  One way to determine what colors are popular in your area is to visit new homes build by home builders or visit their showrooms to find out what colors are used.  Home builders have done their market research to find out what sells in your area and you can benefit by visiting their showrooms.
Another relatively simple and inexpensive way of improving the image of your home is to replace any old trim or frame.  Trims at the bottom or at the top of the walls add lots of character to your home.  Trims are inexpensive and installing them is relatively simple.

Yet another simple way of improving the look of your home is to replace old electrical outlets and switch outlets on the wall.  This simple yet effective approach can give a modern look to your home and it is quite inexpensive to upgrade the old outlets with new stylish and modern outlets.

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