10 Smart living room decorating ideas

living room decorating ideasWhen you start to think about it, there is no shortage of living room decorating ideas.  However, if you are looking to decorate your living room, below are some points to that you should keep in mind.  There are many ways of decorating the living room and there is no single correct or incorrect style.  The style you choose should be the one that appeal your personal taste.  Regardless of the style, there are some basic ideas that are universal to decorating a living room as state below.

1. Gather Images: The best result in any project is achieved when you know what you want so that you can work toward achieving that goal.  Living room decoration is no acceptation and you need to find out what design appeal to you.  Therefore, look at various magazines and online for the designs that grabs your attention.  Try to gather as many as 20 different designs that appeal to you.  You can then select which part of that design will fit your living room

2. Select a Focal Point: Regardless of what layout you select, you should have a focal point.  A focal point can be an object, a design, or a view.  If you have a great view, you can arrange the furniture to accentuate your view.  Other focal points can be a decorative object such as a fire place.  In fact many living room decorators take advantage of this focal point.

3. Sufficient Seating: You should plan to have ample seating for the guest and that usually means that you should be able to seat six people comfortably.  If you happen have a large living room, you should divide the seating into two smaller areas so that your living room does not turn into a conference room.

4. Area Rugs:  Area Rugs are can mark the sitting area from another seating area or from the dining area.  Area rugs are great for defining areas plus they are wonderful decorating items.  Area rugs come in many different designs and can bring lots of light to your living rom.

5. Decorative Objects: Using striking objects that are eye catchers is another wonderful idea that can spice up your living room.  The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting these objects.  You need to shop around to find out what appeals to your taste and what goes well with your furnishing and your living room theme.  One general rule that you can follow is to create a contrast between the object and your living room; therefore, if your living room is a light shade, you can use darker decorative objects and vice versa.

6. Plants & Flowers: Plants are great for bringing color and charm to your home.  You can use natural plants or silk/synthetic flowers.  This is an old time favourites of homeowners and decorators alike.  Search online for decorative plants and flowers and you will see tons of designs you can select from.

7. Cushions & Pillows: Pillows and cushions are another way you can bring delightful colors to your living room.  Some bright colors such as green, orange, yellow or red (depending on your living room theme) can bring your living room to life.

8. De-clutter: Having too many items in your living room just makes it look unorganized and unsightly.  Look around and see if you need all the items and whether they fit your living room’s style.   Get rid of objects and furniture that doesn’t match or is not needed.

9. Drapes:  Drapes are very powerful decorating ideas as they cover a large portion and they are very visible.  You need to take your time to find out what design and color can enhance your living room.  Again take a look at various draperies online to get an idea.  Also using beautiful tiebacks to hold the drapes to one side is important.  Again pay attention to these small details as they make a huge difference in how your living room appear.

10. Floor:  Just as with the drapes, the floor covers a large space and is very much visible.  Selecting the right choice for your flooring is essential.  Selecting area rugs are great for demarcation as well as to bring beauty to your floor.  Also selecting hardwood and laminate can also enhance your living room image.

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