‘Green’ Equals Green with Ceramic Tile

(ARA) – For homeowners, good news has been hard to come by in this bleak economy. So it may come as a happy surprise to many to learn that the two most compelling trends in home remodeling and maintenance — pinching pennies and going “green” — are quite compatible with each other.

Sustainability and green building practices can help homeowners save money in the long run. Choosing high performance and low lifecycle-cost products — ones that require little to no maintenance or replacement — for your remodeling project means that over the usable life of the product, you will pay little more than the cost of the initial investment.

In essence, you can save greenbacks by going green.

Selecting quality products that are durable and will not need replacement within the life of the structure not only saves money, it helps save the environment. It substantially reduces the amount of raw materials used and lowers the amount of emissions and waste produced in manufacturing, transportation and installation. Also, choosing a product that won’t require replacement any time soon means less demolition material sent off to the landfills.

Some traditional and timeless products, like ceramic tile, are a perfect fit for today’s eco- and economy-conscious home owners. Highly versatile and durable, ceramic tile blends contemporary design with sustainable living. Invest in ceramic tile, and you’ll see a return on your investment in a variety of ways.

Reduce Your Utility Bill

Using materials that reduce energy consumption maximizes energy efficiency and saves you money on your utility bills. Ceramic tile boasts high thermal-storage capacity which means it retains heat and emits it slowly — great for homes located in climates where days are warm and nights turn cool.

Superior Longevity

Ceramic tile is in it for the long haul, offering supreme durability and a longer lifespan than most floor and wall coverings. Wood often requires refinishing and is easily damaged in high traffic areas. Carpeting loses its pile, shows wear and emits gases, sending harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Ceramic tile, however, lasts up to four times longer. And with no need for expensive replacement and repair, homeowners will enjoy the benefit of its low lifecycle cost.

Design-wise, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics just to get the stuff that lasts. Advanced technology has allowed manufacturers to replicate surfaces virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. With modern ceramic tile, homeowners can achieve the look of wallpaper, wood, stone and textiles but retain the longevity and benefits of tile.

For example, Tile of Spain branded manufacturer Inalco offers the Lounge Series, where ceramic tile replicates antique white wood wainscoting. Or, you can finally put in that wood floor you’ve always wanted, but without the worry of damage from spills, pets or moving furniture. The Jungle series from Ceramicas Aparici, another Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, visually mimics wood planks, but retains the advantages of ceramic tile. Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, Grespania premiers the Escandinavia Collection. Available in a variety of tones, it can recreate the look of a parquet floor with product available in an 18” x 18” format.

Low Maintenance Bills

When it comes to maintaining your ceramic tile floor or wall covering, your design choice won’t impact the environment but will save you cash. Cleaning ceramic tile requires no harsh or expensive cleaning chemicals, shampoos, or other solvents that could be flushed into the ecosystem. Neutral cleansers and water are the only cleaning products required. This easy maintenance also contributes to consumer cost savings over the life of the installation.

By using ceramic tile, designers and homeowners can also ensure good indoor air quality. Tile repels allergens and will not absorb odors like smoke and paint fumes or release harmful gases, toxic byproducts or VOCs.

To learn more about how ceramic tile can positively affect the environment and your monthly budget, call (305) 446-4387 or visit www.spaintiles.info.

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